Clearlight Heats Up Their Digital Marketing

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Clearlight is one of Europe’s leading sauna retailers, offering innovative infrared sauna therapy solutions to customers all over the world.

The Challenge​

Clearlight, a leading European infrared sauna retailer, wanted to maximize its digital marketing performance across multiple countries and contracted a number of marketing agencies in different markets to achieve greater reach, put localized marketing strategies in place, and get a more granular breakdown and analysis of marketing campaign performance. Clearlight, based in Europe, ships their sauna products all over the world. To be able to boost visibility to more global prospects, Clearlight sought to tap into a broad swathe of marketing talent within multiple agencies, thinking that this approach could yield a diverse range of creative ideas.

Unfortunately, different marketing agencies brought very different skills and understanding of deliverables to the table, leading to fragmented reporting, lack of budgetary clarity, no quality control between ad campaigns across markets, and no benchmarkable insights into performance.

We used to go through various agencies. Some are good on paper but were awful to deal with in areas such as reporting, and ad budgets not being what you had agreed on. But we also have a very special setup; therefore, we have this tendency to run different ad campaigns across different markets, which not everyone can do.

CEO & Co-Founder, Clearlight

The Solution

Clearlight realized that they’d need to rein in marketing activities and house them with a single agency that could provide the creative vision, actionable digital marketing strategy and robust, comprehensive reporting.

Mind The Gap was brought in to analyze the work previously done by multiple different marketing agencies. The Mind The Gap team was able to pull together data from the different strategies used across different countries’ e-commerce markets to gain an understanding of what was and was not working, and how to optimize social media and advertising activities across several channels.

Mind The Gap provided:

E-commerce Strategic Guidance - Long-term marketing campaign alignment with business goals
Social media - Lead-generation Facebook campaigns, brand awareness
Search engine optimization - Set-up and optimization of keyword and visibility strategy
Google - all lead-generation activities on Google Ads

Mind The Gap focused on differentiated strategies, closely adhering to the available budget, assigning a weight to campaigns and activities according to the importance of the specific market.

For Clearlight, the most important country is Australia, followed by the UK, New Zealand, Germany, and Ireland. For search engine activity, each account is optimized based on the queries of each country. For social media, Clearlight mainly focuses on Australia, only running re-marketing campaigns in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand as aligned with Clearlight’s priorities.


The evaluation and restructuring of the global SEO and visibility, social media and Google Ads led to both more streamlined, reportable and positive results for Clearlight’s digital marketing outcomes.


Investment in ads increased by 56%
The CTR doubled
Conversion rate increased by 136%
Leads increased by 115%
Cost per lead decreased by 27%
Increase in website visibility
Increase in website visibility
Increase in website visibility
UK site traffic increase
Traffic, Australia and German websites

The bottom line

With Mind The Gap, Clearlight was able to take a deep dive into their KPIs and get no-nonsense analysis and achieve bottom-line success with careful adjustments to SEO and social digital marketing strategy.

The team at Mind The Gap is very communicative, extremely versatile in their skillset, trustworthy, professional, reliable, as well as both financially and technically savvy. These guys know their stuff in making numbers and KPIs work.

CEO & Co-Founder, Clearlight

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