Kezzler transforms their brand and marketing strategy

Kezzler turns to Mind The Gap to overcome internal gridlock over brand marketing and strategy implementation


Kezzler is a Norwegian tech company specializing in serialization and traceability technology at scale. While Kezzler was gradually growing with high-profile projects, the company faced issues with communicating their value proposition, telling their story in a compelling way, and aligning on the broader purpose of the company brand.

The Challenge​

Operating in the B2B technology sector produced unique challenges for Kezzler, as the company had rapidly evolved but didn’t evolve their brand at the same pace over the years. Among decision makers, there was a lack of cohesion in presenting the brand, which made marketing strategy and tactics difficult to focus. Kezzler also provided value to their customers far beyond the initial technology solution; however, communicating this value was often lost or ad hoc. There was little insight into the buying behavior of their customers or development of marketing collateral to match the needs of their key personas.

We were entrenched with conflicting ideas about how we talk about our brand. We have evolved over the years, and different people have different ideas about who we are as a brand. We felt that some guidance through strategic discussions would help us focus on where we are today and where we want to go with brand marketing, digital marketing and SEO. We wanted to get started but things felt fragmented. We needed to start somewhere, but we couldn’t get very far with web content changes and new content without first defining the foundations of the brand clearly
Henrikke Sylte
Head of Marketing and Communications

The Solution

Kezzler’s leadership team had previously been involved with other consultants and held various brand workshops, with minimal applied payoff in practice. Mind The Gap crafted a customer solution that fulfilled the promise of aligning internal stakeholders while also uncovering buyer insights.

Through a multi-week process, Mind The Gap’s team of experts:

Led brand alignment workshops focusing on uncovering internal leadership’s brand perceptions
Conducted customer and partner interviews to understand the buying process Validated the research using secondary quantitative sources
Developed key communication frameworks including value proposition targeting, tagline, and messaging pillars
Gathered feedback for partner, sales, and prospect communication
Applied the insights to key areas, such as content strategy including videos, website revisions, and targeted lead magnets

The workshop helped our department secure buy-in from all the right people (executive decision-makers) who now understand the importance of this work to prepare us for growth. The process highlighted where we are already aligned and where we needed work in defining ourselves and our value. Mind The Gap gave us some outside perspective on what we do and how we describe ourselves, which is valuable for trying to evolve further. We appreciated the very practical and hands-on exercises as well as the useful analysis as starting points to do further work.

Henrikke Sylte
Head of Marketing and Communications

The Results

After working with the marketing and C-level teams, Mind The Gap was able to help Kezzler in developing a brand communication strategy that would produce results. The communication transitioned from general, tech-heavy descriptions to genuine communications of the long-term value of the traceability solution.

Through the partnership, Mind The Gap delivered:

New brand copy including taglines, value propositions, and motivation statements for the “why” behind the brand
Personas of key decision makers along with the associated customer journey
Insights into content strategy based on buyer research
A detailed implementation plan for upcoming quarters

We have a firmer grasp on who we are and who we want to be – and how to communicate that – as a brand. We are better aligned both about the brand and also about how critical this work is.

Henrikke Sylte
Head of Marketing and Communications

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