OxyHealth achieved breakthrough brand awareness and conversion rates through restructured digital marketing strategy

OxyHealth increased CTR by 300+%, conversion rate from 1 to 5%

OxyHealth is a pioneer in the do-it-yourself hyperbaric wellness industry, offering a range of portable hyperbaric chambers to global customers ranging from in-home users to small gyms, clinics and spas.

The Challenge​

Introducing do-it-yourself hyperbaric wellness solutions to the world proved an ambitious goal for OxyHealth. Digital marketing efforts failed to reach target audiences and generate the leads the company sought to accelerate growth. OxyHealth wanted to focus marketing efforts on the United Kingdom, but the local marketing agency with which OxyHealth first collaborated didn’t deliver results.

OxyHealth required a revamped digital marketing strategy coupled with better focused advertising to boost visibility and qualified leads.

The Solution

Driven by the need to generate high-quality leads, OxyHealth brought the digital marketing expertise of Mind The Gap on board. Getting to the bottom of the previous marketing strategy’s underperformance, Mind The Gap conducted a full marketing strategy audit, looking at analytics, ads, content and SEO. A comprehensive analysis underpinned Mind The Gap’s next moves:

Strategic guidance and education - Advise on strategic alignment with OxyHealth’s growth goals as well as educate OxyHealth team about user behavior and customer journeys
Data analytics and insights - Gain an overview of performance and areas for improvement
Project management - Set up campaign and ad strategies, implement tactics, monitor results and optimize accordingly
Website optimization - Introduce website performance improvements
Google and Facebook ads - Develop, test and measure lead-generation, and brand awareness activities

Breathing life into OxyHealth’s digital marketing growth

Analysis and optimization

Mind The Gap analyzed and optimized OxyHealth’s digital marketing strategy and channel activity for the UK market while also looking at user data to enhance targeting and improve the quality of visitors and leads. The analysis dove into Google Analytics to look at broader global user behavior trends to make market-specific recommendations. Approaching the audience based on insights gleaned about their topics of interest, Mind The Gap was able to capture not just UK-based targets but also a wider, more relevant audience from around the world, improving the bounce rate and page/session metrics considerably.


A full complement of highly optimized Google and Facebook advertising formed the foundation for the new OxyHealth digital growth strategy. Mind The Gap helped OxyHealth build a robust campaign strategy and then create, activate, and optimize the campaigns successfully. The ad strategy included analysis of queries generated by previous Google campaigns, restructuring of paid campaigns, and the creation of personalized ads based on previous semantic areas. Over time, Mind The Gap fine-tuned the campaign structure to reach even higher lead quality, driving an effective and efficient campaign funnel for SQLs.

Lead generation funnel strategy

As a key corollary to the ad campaign, Mind The Gap created a lead-generation funnel strategy. The aim, which was successfully reached, was to increase exposure, lift brand awareness in the UK and generate quality leads. From a hands-on perspective, Mind The Gap introduced landing pages for capturing lead information (OxyHealth did not have landing pages before), and developed an automated email drip campaign, which captured the leads converting on all their web forms, not just the landing page.

Web performance

In addition to these straight marketing transformations, Mind The Gap also worked on web performance optimizations:

Updated plugins
Stronger firewall
Keyword research
Cleaner root directory


Mind The Gap not only provided clear, regular reporting, they also introduced monthly meetings for active marketing strategy improvement and implementation.


As a result of engaging Mind The Gap to steer their digital marketing efforts, OxyHealth gained significant traction in all the primary areas of measurement.

In eight months, Mind The Gap’s strategy resulted in:

Quality leads across channels
Grew Return on Ad Spend
Google Ads conversion rate increased
Facebook Messenger campaign conversion rate
Increased brand awareness, reaching 240,000 people; top-of-funnel campaign advertising the brand blog drove 12,000+ new users to OxyHealth’s site at a very low cost (0.18 EUR per website view)
Deeper understanding of user behavior leading to more conversions at much lower cost and more intuitive improvements to user journey channels and content

More than hot air

Exhibiting demonstrable digital marketing improvements, Mind The Gap successfully helped OxyHealth make its digital presence known in the UK market and beyond, including going above and beyond in driving global awareness and lead generation that will propel OxyHealth as it continues to expand.

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