SuperFeast turned to Mind The Gap to expand their digital global business and build brand awareness in the US.

SuperFeast boosted return on ad spend 338% with new digital marketing strategy

Mind The Gap helped SuperFeast grow awareness, conversions and return on ad spend in Australia and the US.

SuperFeast is a high-quality tonic herb and medicinal mushroom company founded in 2011 in Australia.

The Challenge​

Aiming to spread their concept that “nature provides the greatest feast”, SuperFeast wanted to extend their global reach beyond their home base in Australia. Cracking the notoriously challenging US market would be step one. Approaching this challenge meant evaluating existing marketing strategy and campaign performance as well as creating visibility in an entirely new market.

SuperFeast sought hands-on project management and operational support as well as strategic decision-making and vision as they expanded into the US market.

The Solution

SuperFeast engaged Mind The Gap to undertake a complete audit of their existing activity. Understanding the full landscape of their current business underpinned the development of a customized, comprehensive new media strategy for both expansion.

Mind The Gap provided:

Strategic guidance - Guide and advise on long-term strategic alignment with SuperFeast’s growth and business goals
Project management - Divide the Australia and US market focus into separate, specific strategies and provide client education
Audit, data analytics and insights - Gain an overview of performance and areas for improvement
Search engine optimization - Setup and optimize keywords, web performance and visibility strategy
Google and Facebook ads - Develop, test and measure lead-generation, sales and brand awareness activities

SuperFeast’s path to digital awareness and sales growth

Audit, analysis and optimization

Mind The Gap audited and analyzed SuperFeast’s advertising activity for the previous year to get a handle on the current situation while identifying areas for improvement. The audit also included SEO and web performance analysis to identify areas for aligning the SuperFeast website with Google’s recommended best practices for search. These analyses armed Mind The Gap with enough data to build and implement a new media strategy for SuperFeast.


Advertising formed a cornerstone of the new growth strategy for SuperFeast.

Google Ads

Mind The Gap restructured SuperFeast’s existing Google Ads account and set up for the American market launch. The new strategic approach involved the creation of a new Google ads structure that allowed Mind The Gap to allocate investments based on the performance (ROAS and CPA) generated at the level of each product category or the ability of certain semantic areas to generate new users to enter at the top of the conversion funnel (i.e, awareness/consideration).

Following the analyses carried out for both the Australian and US markets, Mind The Gap adopted two different approaches to best adapt to the characteristics of each country, which enabled the creation of different campaigns and the ability to optimize accordingly.

Facebook Ads

Mind The Gap created a three-stage sales funnel for Facebook. At the top of the funnel, the focus was on increasing brand awareness while the middle and bottom of the funnel were focused on generating sales and pushing all available offers for the US market.

SEO and web performance

Because the websites were changing, being updated and edited constantly, there is no end to SEO and website improvements. As a starting point, however, Mind The Gap worked on incremental and ongoing SEO and performance improvements:

Image optimization (ALT tags and image-size reductions)
On-page SEO improvements
Keyword research and development of keyword research strategy, i.e. search queries and keyword search volume
Page load time optimization


Early on, Mind The Gap generated and presented different reports for each campaign platform (Facebook and Google) and for SEO performance. Eventually Mind The Gap created automated reporting that included all data sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Now, SuperFeast is able to see how each campaign performs, consolidated into a single report.


Signs of success were almost immediate. For example, the new approach taken with Google Ads, particularly in terms of important promotions and campaigns, has allowed Mind The Gap to, for example, generate in just under a week the same number of sales as those SuperFeast usually makes in a month. True success, of course, needed to be sustainable, and Mind The Gap delivered.


Mind The Gap took the helm for managing Google ads and increased the number of ads from 6 to over 1,800. With granular daily monitoring and optimization of the Google ads, Mind The Gap worked constantly to understand how to use SuperFeast’s strengths (and challenges, given the sensitive regulatory environment associated with advertising healthcare-adjacent products). Mind The Gap worked with Google to understand how and why their algorithm treated SuperFeast ads the way it did. In the end, SuperFeast was able to understand how to play by Google’s rules to maximize advertising effectiveness.

In Australia the new strategic approach, when compared to the prior year’s Google Ads, generated a:

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in website visibility
Grew Return on Ad Spend

For the United States market, comparing results of the first quarter in 2021 (when the new e-commerce activity launched) against the fourth quarter, there was a:

Increase in conversion rate
Improvement in revenue
Grew Return on Ad Spend

SEO and web performance

SEO and web performance also play a role in successful growth.

The SuperFeast site saw:

A threefold (3x) growth in clicks from 31.2K to 103K
A 3.5x growth in impressions (712K to 2.66M)
Increased page load speeds (10-15% faster)

These guys genuinely cared, not only about my business, but my life and the purpose of our mission. Mind The Gap will work really hard and smart for you.

Co-Founder of Superfeast

The bottom line

With Mind The Gap, SuperFeast was able to make inroads into a new, competitive market both in terms of building awareness and growing conversions and sales. At the same time, the SuperFeast team learned how to work to Google’s algorithm expectations to continue improving their performance moving forward.

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