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Business has become a whirlwind of data, technology, and AI-enabled marketing. Yet, marketing technology best thrives with solid, human-driven data.

“Human-telligence” is data returning to the basics of data by the people, for the people.

1st-party data, or data that your company receives directly from customers, has become the key driver in this “human-telligence”. We are living in the era of 1st party-data. According to Merkel’s 2021 Customer Engagement Report, 52% of respondents said their organizations have prioritized digital experiences and/or strategies with the goal of collecting more first-party data. 74% of respondents plan to increase their investments in vendors and technologies to account for the rise in data restrictions.

Marketer’s are finding that investing in first party data also produces the most ROI. Signal’s marketing survey reports that “North American marketers found that among those who report the strongest ROI from their data-related investments, 81% regularly use first-party data, compared to 71% of their peers.”

If you’re an ecommerce firm, there’s no time to waste. We are living in a data first era. Creating “human-telligence” strategy requires educating yourself on how you can start making strategic decisions now to create experiences that produce valuable customer data for your business and drive a holistic customer experience. Where should you be investing your time? Where are the gaps in your data strategy? If you’re asking these questions, then welcome to Mind The Gaps crash course on Empowering Your Human-Driven Data Strategy.