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GDPR Compliance

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Running your business is stressful enough ā€” why let GDPR be one more stressor? With Mind The Gap, confusion becomes compliancy with our top to bottom assistance. We work with your development and website teams from consent management platform selection to the nuances of technical GDPR implementation. Worried about market-specific requirements? Our global team will support your business with our market-specific experience in over 50 countries.

Let us help you become GDPR compliant by...

Leveraging our Consent Management platform expertise.
Using our global team's knowledge to help you with technical compliancy.
Implementing compliancy across all channels from mobile offerings to full website consent.
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How can GDPR Compliance help?


Sleep easy knowing compliancy is handled
Keep a risk-free bottom line with no enforcement fines
Be proative in your privacy efforts


Free up time for your team to work on value-add tasks
Receive guidance for selecting a consent management platform
Leverage our market-specific technical expertise for in an international ecommerce world


Receive technical support in ensuring company compliance
Leverage our technical expertise for market-specific issues
Sleep easy knowing GDPR is handled

Full Compliancy Audit

Top to Bottom Compliancy Checks

Technical Support for Entire Process

Developer Assistance

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