How Effective Is Your Data-Driven Marketing?

Assess your digital marketing data and make better business decisions

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Are you using data to design the path to your business growth?

The world’s most successful companies use data to reach the right customers and have an in-depth understanding of the entire customer journey. Teams driven by smart data are able to optimize their marketing performance and generate better customer experience and greater revenues. As a business owner or marketer, how can you unlock the full potential of your data?

We have developed a Data-Driven Marketing Assessment (DDMA) tool to help you:

  • Evaluate a level of your company’s data-driven marketing
  • Identify gaps that are slowing your business expansion
  • Discover how to leverage data to catalyze your growth

Assess 5 digital data categories

Our DDMA tool evaluates the level of your data-driven marketing in 5 categories:

  • Data Sources
  • Data Governance
  • Data Strategy
  • Data for User Experience
  • Data Activation

Answer 35 questions about your marketing data and see your data-driven marketing maturity score immediately.

Each category is assessed separately, to get a better idea of which area your business is already excelling at, and which area could be improved.

Get actionable insights to optimize your growth

Once completed, you will receive your personalized results via email, assessing your company’s data marketing situation. You will also get specific, actionable suggestions to improve each area of data-based marketing. This way, you can leverage data more effectively, and reap the rewards of what is now the most valuable resource on Earth.


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