Offline Conversion Tracking

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Offline Conversion Tracking

Offline sales meets online tracking

Optimize your sales funnel tracking by converting offline sales into online data.

Tracking offline conversions leads to more effective advertising strategies thanks to better quality data. With Offline Conversion Tracking, turn offline events, such as in-store purchases, call center sales, and event marketing into data that works for you. Our API allows you to collect data from sales represenatives and add them directly to online tracking systems, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Did a customer complete their purchase over the phone after viewing your promotion? Consider it tracked.

With Offline Conversion Tracking You Now Can...

Optimize your advertising for smarter targeting.
Integrate data from sales representatives or call centers.
Track both lead and sales conversions, regardless of channel.
Bring better audiences to your product with increased insights.
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Who is Offline Conversions for?


Better data tracking across all sales channels
Optimize your business's marketing funnel
Increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget with better audience targeting


Improve targeting with increased conversion data
Create a 360 view of your marketing funnel, from online to offline
Highlight top-converting marketing and sales channels


Further integrate marketing and sales efforts
Track the customer lifecycle to the fullest
Launch new selling channels, such as in-person events or call centers, without compromising on data

Data tracking & audit strategy

Facebook Ads integration

Google Ads & Analytics integration

Strategic guidance for sales channel integration

CMS & CRM integrations

Start tracking your sales data on and offline. Book a consultation to see how our Offline Conversions integration can work for you.

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