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Enhancing Marketing Performance

Data drives and illustrates dynamic marketing performance

Figure 10Figure 10rMarketing Performance

Use your data as a future-predicting crystal ball; not just a rear-view mirror

Data and web analytics is a deeply misunderstood science. It’s a dynamic activity, meaning that your data can be used to look backwards into past performance but is at its peak power when seized upon to peek into and influence the future.
Use data for consistently improved marketing performance
Activate full range of data for building an active strategy
Make data central predictive analytics and planning
Let your data analytics foundation provide dynamic insight
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Seize on powerful future predictor and window to the past

Businesses dabbling in data often end up being data rich but information poor. Without a clear data analytics and insight strategy, and running campaigns without these mechanisms in place, a lot of pieces are missing. For example, if you don’t know what data you need, and what tripwires need to be in place, tracking on your website will not be properly configured or complete — and you can’t go back and do this after the fact.

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A dynamic, responsive data strategy means that you define what you need ahead of time and understand that both big data and AI are key tools, but that small data is important in painting a complete picture. That is, you may have access not just to online customer journeys and interactions with touchpoints but also offline insight, such as informal feedback your customers give you, poll or survey responses, and other input that can be woven into the big picture. We can help you develop your strategies, tactics, KPIs and custom data visualization and dashboards to create a complete overview that will finally let you see clearly how you performed in the past, where you could improve, and what the future can hold.

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