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Generating Prospects and Leads

Quality leads: Lead with quality

Figure 10Figure 10rLeads Prospect

Lead generation is only as good as the quality of the leads you generate

Not all prospects and leads are alike, and the wisest approach is focusing on quality over quantity, but the quantity over quality approach to lead generation dilutes your focus.
Focus lead generation on the right leads, not number of leads
Fuel a quality-oriented, long-term lead-generation engine
Ask how you can deliver the most value over time
Fulfill a need and get you the lead
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Respond to a real need, get the best lead

Generating qualified leads and prospects does not travel in a straight line and requires an investment of time and resources. A good lead is reeled in when you’ve tapped into a need or offered a solution to a problem. This doesn’t happen immediately and requires some nurturing. No need to fill your lead pipeline with numbers for the sake of it; a good lead will almost lead you. Responding to a real need, you can focus on creating long-term relationships with an eye toward customer lifetime value rather than chasing passive leads.

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With a more long-term and holistic view of lead generation, you can ask: what kind of lead will deliver the most value over the longest time? Developing an effective digital marketing strategy that adopts a multifaceted, data-forward process entails careful end-to-end media planning and campaign development, and we can help. As data-led lead generation professionals, we understand the power of quality. Share your lead-generation challenges with us.

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