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Scaling Online Selling

End-to-end online performance selling

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Automated and data-insight-driven sales: Personalized and made human

Data is invaluable in figuring out who your prospects and buyers are, and can be a compass pointing you toward where to find, engage with, and get closer to them while influencing them to make a purchase.
Develop data-informed relationships beyond online selling
Use data and automation to get and monetize the right leads
Keep buyers with you, not letting them wander off the trail
Make your sales personal and human for greater impact
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Humanizing the marketing and sales funnel

We have a long history of developing and deploying end-to-end performance-driven strategies to enhance e-commerce performance in terms of both conversion rates and customer acquisition. But where you need more than just data and automation and AI tools is in humanizing your marketing and sales funnel. We guide you on the path of creating effective campaigns and selecting the right marketing mix, taking into account attribution modeling, automated calculations of the lifetime value of a specific segment or customer and in-depth audience to customer journey understanding.

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As we have extensive experience with the technical aspects of integrating data into very human multichannel campaign structures, we have countless data points to leverage in optimizing your campaigns to make everything more relevant. We’ve seen everything, and we are different because of our wealth of data analytics experience. Try us and see how our technical expertise can enhance your human-focused marketing and sales results.

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